Painted Bicycle Bells


These painted bells add a personal touch to any bicycle you like. Send one to a friend or transfer between bikes with ease. You can request any combination of the designs displayed, or a custom design of your own. Prices from £20. Take a look at the bicycle tattoo gallery for more inspiration!

To order a bell online, please e-mail me with your request!

6 responses to “Painted Bicycle Bells

  1. Jethro painted a Ben Nevis bell for me to give as a gift to my partner. There is so much beautiful detail in such a compact space; it is quite incredible. The bell is truly unique and a perfect representation of the place where we have spent so many happy times. Thank you so much, Jethro!

    • Hi Orla,
      really glad you’re pleased with the bell, I enjoyed painting it. I’ve never been up Ben Nevis but have spent plenty of time in the West Highlands and so enjoyed the memories it evoked, too.

  2. Jethro painted the Tom Waits bicycle bell for me last year. I’m so glad he posted a pic of it because it was absolutely amazing. I got it for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it! Such great detail and so much talent! I might have to come back and get my sister one!

  3. Jethro- You’ve captured my picture of the beetle in Slovenia so well, the detail is so beautiful and precise. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants a special gift for their bike. Many thanks.

  4. Hi, mailed you about getting a bell made but haven’t heard from you. Please can you drop me a line if you are still making.

    • Hi Tracey,
      thank you for getting in touch and sorry for the slow reply. I’ve looked and I can’t find your e-mail anywhere. Unfortunately I am fully booked at the moment, so won’t be taking orders in the next couple of months.
      Best Wishes,

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