Artist’s talk for This is Youth Work book launch

I was invited to give a presentation about my illustrations for the book  ‘This is Youth Work – Stories From Practice’ (In Defence of Youth Work/Unison/Unite, 2011) at the formal book launch which took place at the  House of Commons, Westminster on the 17th October 2011.

The book is a collection of stories and critical essays from youth work practitioners and young people demonstrating the importance of voluntary, open-access, democratic and flexible youth work practice. The project was carried out by In Defence of Youth Work with support from Unison and Unite and arose from concerns about increasingly restrictive, top-down and goals-driven policies as well as the recent cuts to youth work funding. The talk provides an insight into the challenges and solutions that went into creating suitable illustrations.

To download the powerpoint presentation click here.

To download the talk as a word document click here.

To see the complete set of illustrations click here.

For more information and to download the book as a pdf, visit the IDYW website:

3 responses to “Artist’s talk for This is Youth Work book launch

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  2. I really like the book and your illustrations, and so was glad you have shared your thoughts and dilemmas about the process. For awhile I have been wondering about a graphic book approach to promoting open-access, democratic youth work but more in terms of how youth workers try to resist the pressures of targetted work. How possible do you, or others, think it would be to do a strip cartoon type book? Do you think these ‘stories from practice’ could have been done just with graphics, using speech and thought bubbles, and a limited narrative underneath illustrations?

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