Artwork chosen to feature on the new Bristol £

Bristol Pound Illustration

The Bristol Pound is a new currency designed to encourage local spending and support independent enterprises in Bristol. My work was chosen to feature on the Bristol £ notes, along with seven other winning submissions.

The drawing was a response to the theme ‘Our Environment’. I was asked to sum up my inspiration for the work in two sentences for the Bristol Evening Post:

I wanted to show our environment as a living web of relationships, one that we humans participate in, and help to create or destroy. Bicycles and apple trees characterise Bristol’s green fringe for me, and the fox and magpie are archetypal urban survivors. Cheeky, adaptable, independent, resilient – they are Bristolians, too.


8 responses to “Artwork chosen to feature on the new Bristol £

  1. This is beautiful! I love the simplicity and depth the tree in the background creates in contrast to the more detailed images in the front. Great subject matter, too!

    • Thank you! Really glad you like it. Excited about seeing it on the Bristol £ in September – will you be signing up? (Edit:) oops, probably not, from Los Angeles… I like your gravatar, and empathise!

  2. Congratulations – it is a beautiful picture. The fox and magpie also call to mind various fables about greed and different kinds of cleverness. Glad to see that you rebelled and gave the Post three sentences – did they cut one?

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