Some:when – celebrating cohesion through the watery heritage of the somerset moors and levels

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Some:when is a collaborative public art project conceived in response to the floods on the Somerset Moors and Levels. It is led by artists Seila Fernandez Arconada and Jethro Brice, together with individuals and community groups affected by the floods.

Flooding and water have been an inextricable part of Somerset’s history, at the heart of both the pains and pleasures of life in a unique landscape. This landscape has been extensively managed and changed over the centuries, and with unstable weather patterns, rising seas and changing land use, new visions are being created for how this landscape might look for future generations. One proposal in particular looks at installing a sluice at the mouth of the Parrett to prevent the incursion of the tides, a move that will bring relief to many whilst also marking the end of a particular heritage – Langport was historically a busy trading post at the upper tidal limit of the river.

The aim of the project is to support and amplify the remarkable resilience of Somerset communities in responding creatively to the floods. Working with local groups in and around Langport, we will create a replica of the traditional Somerset Flatner from reclaimed materials, sourced in the immediate environment. Designed as a practical and affordable solution for navigating life in a changeable environment, this characteristic Somerset boat is an iconic local design that represents the centrality of both water and human ingenuity in shaping the history of life on the levels. Through creative, participatory workshops we will share and reflect on the stories of children and young people affected by the floods, and articulate a vision of Somerset’s future that will be translated into a celebratory banner or sail for the Flatner. As a final event, local groups are invited to accompany the Flatner on a triumphant journey from Langport to Bridgwater on the outgoing tide.

For further information and to follow the development of the project, please visit

The project is made possible by the support of the Somerset Community Foundation and Somerset Art Works.

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